Indian Flag On Times Square, First Time in The History, 15 August

Indian Flag On Times Square 15 August 2020 Federation of Indian State Hoist Flag on Times Square flag hoisting ceremony at Times Square Empire State Building. This is first time in a history of India, that Indian National Flag will be visible on Newyork times square. If you are an Indian and living in USA. Than you should visit Times Square, Newyork City of America because on 15th of August which we celebrate our Freedom. Newyork, New Jersie and Federation of Indian Association recently published statement on Indian Flag in USA Times Square.
Times Square Indian Flag: Newyork, New Jersie and Connectivity Federation of India Association announced that We will raise our National flag in times square of Newyork city. Ankur Vaid who have current hold important member of FIA said we will make history for all Indians living in America. He also said we will hoist our flag On 14th August in Empire State Lightning Ceremony. According to sources, Randhir Jaiswal The Consul General of India will be the Chief Guest of Empire State Lightning Ceremony.

Times Square Billboards Ad Price: : Federation of Indian Association has also played major role in purchasing billboard on times square to display the advertisement of Lord Shri Ram and Ram Mandir Pujan. More than 36 to 50 Lakh paid to show future Ram Mandir in billboard of times square.

Empire State Building Indian Flag: This is the patriotism of all India, that helps Indian Government and people to feel proud for them. Indian people holds largest number of population in USA. They involve in various business like Information Technology, Food Sector, Defence, Learning in Education University to help American economy.

Due to Covid 19, large number of people will not attend to watch Indian Flag in Time Square but through Live Video Streaming, you can watch all updates.