When Cinema Hall Will Open, Kab Se Khulenge PVR Movie Theatre, Latest News

When Cinema Hall Will Open PVR Cinema Hall Kab Se Khulenge When PVR Cinema Hall Will Open Indian Cinema Opening Date Latest News is in August. Both Cinema Hall and School College are on same list of Government of India. Government restricted both PVR, Multiplex Cinema and all degree college, inter college and primary school should not be open until Coronavirus symptoms completely removed from that state.

When Cinema Hall Will Open (answer is August): Multiplex Movie Theatre Association has made plan to open cinema in Metro City. In August Unlock 3 begins and Member of Multiple Association is expecting people can watch movie if they support us. Indian Multiple Group is making rules and regulation of Covid 19 Cinema Hall openings. India’s popular multiplex cinema I KNOX, PVR Pictures and Cineplex India told to media person,” We personally send an request letter and application to Prime Minister Office, Niti Ayog and other state minister divided into state.

Cinema Hall Kab Se Khulenge: CEO of PVR Cinema Kamal Gyanchandani told,’’ In an application to Govt of India we listed social distancing rules in Multiplex cinema. Such as Sanitizer in all seats, Social Distancing (This is the only way to escape from Coronavirus).

1.Seat Distancing
2.Social Distancing
3.Everyone should have their own Mask.
4.Paperless Ticket
5.All seats should be sanitize.

6. People from other state may not be allowed.
7. Interval Gap will be 15 to 30 minute.
8. Two screen will not open on same time.

PVR Cinema Opening Date: Multiplex Cinema is expected to be open from August (If GOVT allowed). Mostly cinema open in that state where Green Zone people are living. So all above are important guidelines made by Board of Multiplex cinema. Modi Government already given power to State to choose lockdown banning or opening from their mind.

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