USA Predator Drone-B Compare China Wing Loong 2 as a Economy Vs Super Bike

USA Predator Drone-B Compare China Wing Loong 2 USA Predator B Drone difference China Wing Loong 2 USA MQ9 Reaper Compare China GJ-2 Military Version of Wing Loong 2. If your Comparing  (Economy, Average Class Bike) Wing Loong II to America Predator Drone B (Super Bike, Used in all Operation) that means you are comparing.

USA Predator Drone-B: India going to buy Predator Drone B after China wish to gift China Wing Loong 2 drone. Here we compare both drone.

Operation Range- Wing Loong 2 1500 KM, MQ9 Reaper 1852 KM (No Information).
Take off Carry Weight: Wing Loong 2 4200 Kg, MQ9 Reaper 4700 KG.
Pay Load: Wing Loong 2400 KG, America predator Drone B- 1700 kg
Work/Stable in Sky: Wing Loong 2 20 hour, Mq9 Reaper 14 Hours.

USA Predator Drone-B
China Drone (Wing Loong II.)
(Second Name) MQ-9
China will give 4 attack drone to Pakistan
Total 30 Drone India may Buy
China using its drown in Libya Civil War
In Laddakh India using Israel drone named IAI Heron (Machatz-1) But it has no Missile or War equipments
Pakistan was asking Predator B Drone but USA rejected.
Army (10 Drone) Navy  (10 Drone) Air Force  (10 Drone)x`
China is selling Wing Loong 2 to several countries
America used this Predator B drone to kill Iran Top Commander Qasim Sulemani
China Attack drone total missile 12 air to surface
Speed of this drone is 482 KM/HR, up to 50,000 FT Height
Operators: China, Pakistan, UAE, Egypt (32 Units)
Weight -2222 KG
6 Wing Loong II have been reported shot down or lost in Libya, including one allegedly shot down by a laser.
Fuel 1 Time 2200 LTR, it can reach up to 1851 KM
First time in history that a laser weapon shot down a combat vehicle
1 Unit price in 2006 was 3.65 crore
maximum flight speed of 370km/h, 20,000 Ft
Benefit : collects intelligence through surveillance

locates and destroys the target with missiles or laser-guided bombs.

4A GM 114 Hell Fire Missile, 500 pounds of Laser guided bombs

Targeting System equipped with visual sensor