Railway QR Code For Train Ticket, Android Application Generating Qr Code

Railway QR Code For Train Ticket IRCTC Train Qr Code Registration Indian Railway QR Code Android Application Download Railway QR Code Train Ticket Latest News 2020. In this coronavirus period, Indian Railway have lots of time improve its Passenger, Expressways and Metro Train quality. Indian will soon run private train from 2023-24 and people are saying you don’t need to keep waiting list and you will get confirm ticket. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) released article on Android Application Generating Qr Code as Railway Ticket. You must check below.

Generate QR Code Train Ticket From Smartphones: Railway QR Code system aims at booking Train Tickets is a simple way. Major benefit of supporting QR code to stop line in Railway counter. Indian Railway receives large number of passenger who go for their daily jobs work. This system is used to generate the Railway ticket as QR Code which can be carried in smartphones.

IRCTC QR Code Ticket Registration: The“GPS” facility in Mobiles is used to validate

and delete the ticket automatically once the passenger reaches the destination. QR Code is Quick response code is a type of matrix bar code first designed for the automotive industry. Train or any app Qr code can be used in Apple IOS devices, Android, Blackberry and other operating system.

1.Passenger information will also save in cloud system for future use.
2.Verification of your ticket is retrieved from Cloud Data base for checking Ticket number.
3.It will save paper and support Green India.
4.It supports social distancing rule of Covid 19.
5. Digital Indian Campaign.
6. Upcoming Cloud which is Future Technology.

Manoj Kumar Yadav, Who is Railway Board Director said," We have lots of scheme to run railway more efficiently on track. Confirm Ticket Scheme, QR Code, Increasing Railway Speed, Making Railway Bridge and expanding more track in north Easter area.