New Education Policy 2020 Para Teacher, B.ED, Sanskrit, Nursery, 6th to 12th Class

New Education Policy 2020 NEP 2022 New Education Policy Teacher Recruitment New Education Policy For B.ED Students Home Language Name List in NEP 2020 Sanskrit, 6th Class Coding/vocational Course. New Education Policy Teacher Recruitment 2020: Alternate pathways for recruitment of teachers from underrepresented groups, sensitizing teachers. Three-month school preparation module for all Grade 1 students from 2020 Pupil-teacher ratio under 30:1 at every school. Launch of two new programmes: National Tutors Programme- focusing on peer tutors, Remedial Instructional Aides Programme - instructors from the local community.

New Education Policy Sanskrit (8) Language 2020: Sanskrit will be offered at all levels of school and higher education as one of the optional languages on par with all Schedule 8 languages. In addition to Sanskrit, the teaching of other classical languages and literatures, including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Pali, Persian, and Prakrit, will also be widely available in schools.

New Education Policy B.ED Course: 4-year integrated Bachelor of Education at
multidisciplinary institutions. Current two-year B.Ed. program to continue till 2030. After 2030, only those institutions offering a 4- year teacher education programme can offer the 2-year programme.

Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog: Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog or the National Education Commission - apex body to be constituted, chaired by the Prime Minister. Aayog will comprise eminent educationists, researchers, Union Ministers, representation of Chief Ministers of States, eminent professionals from various fields.

New Education Policy 5+3+3+4 For Children: Quality early childhood education available for all children between 3-6 years by 2025. New 5+3+3+4 Nursery, 6th to 12th Class developmentally- appropriate curricular and pedagogical structure for school education under Foundation (Anganwadi Pre Primary School or Pre School) + Primary + Middle + Secondary) according to age limit.

Scholarship: National Fund for providing scholarships, developing resources and facilities for students from underrepresented groups. Special attention / priority to socio-economically disadvantaged areas and communities.

New Education Department: School Standard Authority , Academic Bank of Credit, National Research Foundation and Higher Education Commission of India.