Car Accident Claims Document Required, Application Form, Theft Claims

Car Accident Claims Document Required Motor Car Accident Claim Application Form Document Required For Theft Car Claims. To get claim compensation. You must call your bank first or where you buy damage car. If any person met with an accident on live road and have serious injuries including car. Than HE/SHE must got to hospital for treatment and call your accident claim insurance to look the condition of car. We have important document which required when you want to claim on motor car accident or someone stolen car.

Motor Car Accident Claims Intimation Form: form must be filled by the CLAIMANT only. If the Claimant does not understand the language, then the scribe should explain all the contents to the claimant and then he / she should also sign in the relevant place in this form.

List of Indicative Documents For Accident Claims

1.Duly filled and signed claim form.
2.Copy of Registration Book (Please furnish original for verification.).
3.Copy of Motor Driving License of the person driving the vehicle at the time of accident. (Please furnish original for verification).
4.Police Panchnama /FIR (In case of Third Party property damage / Death / Body Injury / Fire / Malicious Damage Claims).
5.Estimate for repairs from repairer where vehicle is to be repaired.
6.Repair Bills/Invoices after the jobs is completed.
7.Payment receipts after the jobs is completed.
8.KYC/AML for losses above 1 Lakh.

9.Additional documents in case commercial vehicle.
10.Permit, Fitness Certificate, Tax Certificate & Load Challan, (Please furnish original for verification).

Document Required For Theft Claims

0. Duly filled and signed claim form.
1.Original Policy document.
2.Original Registration Book / Certificate, Permit, Fitness Certificate, Tax Certificate & Load Challan.
3.Police Panchnama / FIR.
4.Final Investigation Report from the magistrate’s court under section 173 Cr. P C / Non Traceable Report.
5.All the sets of Keys / Service Booklet / Warranty Card / Original purchase invoice,
6.Acknowledged copy of letter addressed to RTO intimating theft and informing "NON-USE" of vehicle
7.Form 28, 29 and 30 signed by the insured and Form 35 signed by the Financer, as the case may be, undated and blank.
8.Letter of Undertaking, Subrogation & Discharge Voucher.
9.Consent towards agreed claim settlement value from yourself and Financier.
10. NOC from the Financer if claim is to be settled in your favour.