Ayodhya Ram Temple Time Capsule, 2000 Ft Buried For 5000 Years

Ayodhya Ram Temple Time Capsule Ram Mandir Time Capsule Name of People Ayodhya Ram Temple Copper Time Capsule Time Capsule Height in Ram Temple. In Ayodhya Ram Janam Bhumi Temple, Time Capsule will be used to preserved important document related to Ram Mandir Temple. On 5th August foundation of Ram Mandir Temple begin with the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here You will know Ram Mandir Time Capsule Latest News and history of using Time Capsule in the World.

Ram Temple History in Time Capsule: Meaning of Time Capsule is to store documents in small space, so that Advance Alien Technology or Human beings can learn their origin of time. Nasa Scientist has also send time capsule in their Voyager Mission and scientist still believe we are not alone in this University and there are 36 types of different alien species living in this Universe.

Ram Mandir Temple Time Capsule: In Ayodhya District of Uttar Pradesh, construction of Ram Mandir begin after 5th August. Connection of Time Capsule with Ram Mandir is documentation of those person who supported to build Ram Mandir after its demolition.

Oldest Time Capsule Found: The first 400 Year old time capsule was found in Bargos. It is made up of Jesus Christ sculpture. On current time Archaeological Department believes this is one of the oldest time capsule. So anyone who wants to know history with correct meaning. Then time capsule is the best method to read ancient discovery of Human.

Time Capsule Benefits: Time Capsule is made up of copper container or any anti rust metal. It is equipped with coding and documents mention with special items. Time capsule made with high layer security with more than 5000 years of validity.

In India, Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi buried time capsule om 15 August 1973.