6 Govt Bank Privatisation, Only 5 Govt Bank Will Run From 2021, Name of Banks

6 Govt Bank Privatisation in India 5 Govt Bank 2021 6 Govt Bank Privatisation Name List 2020  Privatisation on Bank 6 Govt Bank Privatisation Latest news in Hindi Bank of India Private Update. Government of India has made economic plan to zip the current public sector bank into 5 or 6 banks. In this article you can read the name of those bank who will now show the banner of Private Bank Limited. From Railway, Indian Oil Companies, Banking Sector, Power Corporation and in Defence Sectors. National and international private companies has taken deep interested to invest and make IPO like Life Insurance Corporation of India.

6 Govt Bank Privatisation Latest News: We have already posted one video, in which we explain and show evidence on how Govt is changing Govt Bank into Private. Major question specially bank employee are asking what will be salary structure, pay scale, Holiday leaves and allowance which were they taking will be available or not. According to our opinion you can see example of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited). BSNL is now owned by private players. However govt is asking BSNL employee to take VRS or continue.

5 Govt Bank Name 2021: Previous year Government of India has merged 10 Government in a pair of five bank. And today 12 banks is working as a government status. According to sources Reserve Bank of India and Banking Committee has suggested to Modi Government to convert Public Banks into private banks.

Note: SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda for more details read AIBE.

Railway Privatisation Oil Companies: Prime Minister Narendra Modi government's mega privatization drive will include Railway, Oil Companies, banks and to squeeze Govt sector into 4 and 5 companies. Banks Which are going to private in some month or next years are Bank of India, Central Bank, Punjab & Sind Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank.

New Private Banks in 2021: Bank of India, Central Bank, Punjab & Sind Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank

Why Govt is making Private Bank:  Govt main objective is to generate more funds, remove bad loans and NPA. But in this Covid 19 period large number of bad loans belongs to current bank which are they merging. So may be next years. Banks and Insurance sector to be among strategic sectors entail retaining 1-4 public sector entities, Privatizing the rest of them.


  1. Before writing any article you must know the facts.
    I work in BSNL. BSNL is not owned by private players. It is owned by Government of India. In fact 100% shares are with Government of India. Also in every sector minimum one PSU will be kept by Government so Bsnl will not be privatised. We get all the facilities as per GOI rules like leaves working hours etc. Government has not given forceful retirement. It was choice given to the employees to take VRS and Huge sum of money has been paid on lieu of remaining service and they are also getting benefits of Central Government employee pension as this was not PSU but was later in 2020 converted in PSU from Department of Telecom Government of India department.


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