15 Percent Salary Hike For Bank Employee, PLI Scheme, Nov 2017 Arrear

15 Percent Salary Hike For Bank Employee 11th bipartite agreement Indian Bank Association 15 Percent Salary Hike Bank Employee PLI Scheme Bank Employee November 2017 Arrears. Total 37 Indian Bank Employee will get benefit of 15 Percent Salary Hike. Discussion of increasing salary becomes 3 year history and now it is fully approved by Indian Bank Association. IBA has agreed to add 15 percent amount in 37 Banks of India.It is expected 8.5 Lakh employee is expected to get Benefit of 15% Hike in the Wage Bill.

15 Percent Salary Hike Bank Employee: The 15 percent Increase in Wage of Bank Employee is made among Bank officers, Manager, Cashier, Assistant and other Workman depending on their Public profile. However Individual which is Private Employee in future salary slip they feel salaries go up more than 15%. So all bank employee whether they are private or govt will see their wage component increase by 15%.

11th bipartite agreement between Bank Association and Employee union held meeting every once in five. In this meetup Both Indian Bank Association Team and Union of Bank Employee hand over letter to implement such scheme which can benefit both Costumer and Bank Employee.

Total Budgets: 7898 (1 Billion Dollar)

Bank Employee PLI Form: 15% Hike in Salary of 37 Private & Govt Bank + PLI Bill बैंक कर्मचारियों को 15% ज्यादा सैलरी बैंकर्स को भी मिलेगा. PLI (performance linked incentives) will be paid on the basis of  bank operation in location wise and it credited in annually in salary of Employee.

Bank Employee Arrears November 2017: Now new pay scale soon made to add all November 2017 arrears, 10 to 14 percent NPS, PLI

Banks: HDFC Bank, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB Bank, City Bank, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Central Bank of India, Union Bank of India.