Trumpet Vine Flower Image, Growing Season, Top 15 Vine Flowers Name

Trumpet Vine Flower Image How to Grow Trumpet Vine Flower Plants or Orange Bignonia, Orange Shower, Humming bird Attracting Flower Top 15 Vine Flowers Name List Trumpet Vine Flowers Nursery. Hello friends today we have some new species of flowering plant. Category of plant is called Trumpet Vine Flower Plant. There are various types of Vine Flowering plant in the earth. Some species are available to get welcome in our home and many grape vines is still to be discovered.

Hummingbird Vine Plant or Trumpet Vine Flowers Plant: This species of flower largely grown in India after Rakhi (Passion Flower), Money Plant, Climbing Rose and Morning glory. Flowering season of Trumpet Vine Flower is from May Month and growing season starts on Rainy and Winter season.

Benefits of Growing Trumpet Vine Flowers in Your Home: Due to center deepness of Trumpet flowers, you can find Humming birds near to these flowers. Humming Bird always like those flower able to store water droplets in it. So, trumpet flower is also in categories of helping birds, insects to remove thirstiness by storing lots of water in them.

Blooming Time of Trumpet Flower: In May month, Trumpet flower starts blooming. You must keep these flower in sunlight and don’t provide them shed because they loves full sunlight. Without or limited amount of sunlight will not help flower to bloom (buds not form).

Soil: The soil which can grow rose, hibiscus, passion vine flower and mango tree.

Advantage: Mostly people grow trumpet flower behind their gate. It looks awesome when flowers blooms and it display like ringing bell.

Height: In some areas we have seen 30 to 40 ft of Trumpet flowers vines.

Types of Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Pink and White.

Other name: Flaming Trumpet, Golden Shower, Flame Vine, Orange Bignonia, Orange Shower, Humming bird Flower.

Where to grow: both in pot or in your backyard garden.

Top 10 or 15 Vine Flowers Name list
1.Morning glory
2.Black Eyed Susan Vine
4.Carolina Jasmine
5.Madagascar Jasmine
6.Hyacinth Bean Vine
7.Passion Vine
8. Blue Sky Vine
10.Cypress Vine
11. Mandevilla
12. Honeysuckle
14. Climbing Rose