Tissue Culture Banana Farming at Home, Guide For Beginners

Tissue Culture Banana Farming at Home How to Grow Banana Tissue Culture Plants Tissue Culture Banana Plants Guide For Beginners Health Benefits in Tissue banana Farming. In India, Banana farming cultivation held in a large manner and farmers make money in multiple amounts. Mostly Indian farmers says they makes Rs 10 lakh in 1 acre land after replacing farming that merely gives Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.

Tissue Culture Banana Cultivation: Tissue Culture in simple meaning we can say is Disease Free Banana Plants. Tissue is a method of making modern technology banana plant by cloning and lab propagation of tissues of selected quality plants. By applying tissue culture banana farming in your farming land not helps you to give good quality banana but also provide genetic disease free banana.

How to Grow Tissue Culture Banana: Best way to grow Tissue Culture banana(Initiation, Multiplication, Shooting and Rooting ) is in green house or in shady areas.

Mother Plant > Mother Plant Corm  > Initiation  > Multiplication  > Shooting and Rooting  > Primary Hardening  > Secondary Hardening.

Benefits of Tissue Culture Banana Farming: There are several benefit to accept and create awareness between farmers regarding tissue culture banana farming.

1.Banana Plants of tissue are disease free.
2.Tissue culture banana plantlets available throughout the year.
3. Tissue culture banana crop grows earlier in season and also gives better price in the market.
4. You can save 4 to 5 months.

Tissue Culture Banana Plant Price: You can purchase tissue culture banana baby pants from Laboratory of Agriculture department, from Nursery and you can also make tissue culture banana at home.

Brand: g 9 Plus
Usage/Application: For Farming
Other Necessities: Well-Watered
 Soil Specific: Acidic
 Height when Fully Grown: 7 -11 Feet
 Harvesting : 12-13 months