Rakhi Flower Plant Image, Care of Passion Flower, Vine Plants Species

Rakhi Flower Plant Image Krishan Kamal Rakhi Flower Plant Growing Season Care of Passion Flower Beautiful Vine Plants Species List Rakhi Flower of India. Today we have new beautiful flower plant for you. Name of this flower plant is Rakhi Flower and its common name is Rakhi Phool / Krishan Kamal. This Rakhi flower species belongs to Vines plants categories. Main drawback is, it’s beautiful flower plant in design but it does not smell.

Price of Rakhi Flower Plant: Minimum costs of Rakhi Plant is Rs 80 and maximum price exceeded according to nursery location. Best feature of Krishan Kamal is you can see its growth every day and it grow very fast. Colour of Rakhi flower is change according to region Red, Blue, Brinjal Colour, Yellow are common colour.

How to grow Rakhi Flower Plant: If any person purchasing first time this Care of Passion Flower than we advise you to first grow on pot and in rainy season plant on your backyard garden. Passiflora (Rakhi flower other names). Best season to grow any plant is Winter, Spring, Autumn and Rainy Season.

Rakhi Flower Blooming Time and Smell: You can smell Rakhi Flower and its blooming time is winter and hot sunlight summer season. I personally searching a flower which smell great because in my childhood time I have seen same rakhi flower plant which smells like Talcum powder

Category: Vine Plant species.

Soil: Moist Soil.

How to grow: by stems and root and don’t over water.

Fertilizers: Tea Compost.

Health Benefit: used in medicine for anxiety insomnia, nervous disorders.

Height: Large Rakhi flower have a diameter of Jasmine Flower and height is 5 to 10 ft.

Common Names: Passion Flower, Passiflora, Rakhi Phool, Krishan Kamal.