Mushroom Farming Jobs From Home, Mushroom Ki Kheti, Scheme

Mushroom Farming Jobs Mrida Shishu Loan Mushroom Farming Mushroom Ki Kheti Kaise Kare How to Start Mushroom Farming Business From Home Mushroom Jobs. Here we give you some important information on starting business of Mushroom from your home and you can give jobs to local people by creating mushroom farming. Due to Coronavirus symptoms. 40 percent Indian lost their jobs and many major decision taken by Indian Government to review economy again. Main motive to write article on this is to create awareness of mushroom farming between farmers, agriculture students and government to support and provide adequate facilities.

Mushroom Ki Khet Sey Labh: More than 600 Migrant labors become Mushroom Farmers and you can make 10 times extra money in mushroom season. People from any state and world are eligible to start farming of mushroom from their home.

Organization: Indian Institute of Horticulture Research.

Cost of Mushroom Bag for Farming: According to mission director price of 1 Bag is Rs 110. From 1 bag total 3 kg mushroom happens. On current market per kg Rs 125 charged by shopkeeper from costumers. So total Rs 1250 earn by farmer by 1 bag.

Mushroom Training Centres: After completing first 23 days. Cutting of mushroom starts every 10 days of time. To start mushroom farming seed should be purchased from seeds shops. Fill your vacant bags with straw (Bhoosa in Hindi) and put inside them seeds.


Cultivation Technology of White button mushroom - Agaricus bisporus.

Cultivation Technology of  Oyster mushroom - Pleurotus spp. 
Cultivation Technology of Paddy straw mushroom - Volvariella spp.
Cultivation technology of Specialty mushrooms - Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), Black ear (Auricularia spp.) and Milky white (Calocybe indica).

Compost preparation for white button mushroom
Substrate preparation for oyster mushrooms
Substrate preparation for paddy straw mushroom
Casing and crop management in button mushrooms    
Diseases /mould/insect pests, field identification and their management
Post-harvest handling for value addition including dehydration of mushrooms
Farm visit      
Video film on mushroom cultivation/ harvesting/ processing

In one room you can hang minimum 50 to 60 bags. And save it from Rat and daily in morning and evening you must roam around bags.

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