Kuwait Jobs News, Migrant Population Cut, 73000 private sector jobs

Kuwait Jobs News Kuwait Migrant Population Cut 30 percent Kuwait Jobs India Bangladesh and Pakistan Kuwait Migrant Workers Jobs News 2020 Jobs in Kuwait For Indians. This news is adopted from Arab news and today Kuwait To cut Migrant Population from 70% to 30% Job loss for India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries which come Kuwait for jobs. Due to oil market crash and demand of oil is low because of covid 19 and various institution says Kuwait and other Gulf countries resources is low.

Kuwait news for India: Gulf Countries finally decided to cut Migrant population and jobs of people who café from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Kuwait and Guld countries says we are looking to offer jobs to only those people who are natives means they have citizenship of Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Guld Countries.

Kuwait Migrant Worker Population list 2020: According to 2002 data, total population of Kuwait is 44 Lakh and only 30 percent are real citizen of Kuwait. Mearly 10 lakh Indians are living in Kuwait. After that Egyptian are the second largest migrant community with more than 6 lakh workers. And Pakistan population is 130,000.


Kuwait 73000 private Sector Jobs: According to Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AlJaber Al-Sabah,” Kuwait Vows to cut migrant population up to 30 % than its means minimum 15 lakh migrant workers will have to go home and search jobs in their home district.

Economic Times

Total remittance come from Gulf countries is 45 Billion dollar and from other countries 80 billion dollar. World bank already says Remittance likely to India down to 23 percent. So India should have to create jobs and invite foreign company to invest in india for opening manufacturing plant.

Note: Kerala, TamilNadu states people affected by this migrant expatriate.