Hydroponic Farming Business, Farming Method Without Soil, Setup

Hydroponic Farming Business Plan Hydroponics Kitchen Garden Setup Farming Method Without Soil Hydroponic Israel Technology of Hydroponic Business Tomato Farming Lettuce System. Do you want home-made hydroponic lettuce system? Than here we have Hydroponic Gardening techniques. Hydroponics is considered to be farming of the future in Earth and Colony in Mars or in Proxima Century Earth.

Hydroponic Farming Method : Hydroponic Farming Method largely used in Israel. Israel is only country who teach world about how to convert seat water into drinking water and how to grow your plants, crops without soils. In below images you can see plants are growing as a Hydroponics techniques without taking help with soil. In bucket, there is one pump or motor installed to provide mineral rich water in plants roots.

Hydroponics Farming Benefits: Main advantage or benefit of Hydroponic is don’t need so much of space, you can grow and enjoy all vegetables taste in your home, in desert area where only limited water found are the main beneficiaries of Hydroponic Gardening. So, grow where you live, work and eat.

Hydroponic Technology is water saving technology. It uses only 10% of water compared to field grown. In hydroponic we can provide all types of nutrients that plants needs. Which means we can control growth of plants, maintains PH level and daily look better growth rate.

Note 1: Hydroponic garden use of space is limited and location based.
Note 2: No weeds.
Note 3: Fewer pests and diseases.
Note 4: less use of insecticide and herbicides.

How to Make money With Hydroponic Farming: Hydroponic farming is money saver, it don’t require so much of labour. During setup period or plantation time, labours may be required but after Hydroponic Garden installation, you don’t need.

Hydroponic Disadvantage: Main disadvantage of Hydroponics is First Installation is expensive Need Electricity and power backup. Proper teaching of Hydroponic system.

Point 1: you must attend various debate, exhibition and seminar for getting proper latest news on hydroponics.

Point 2: To keep the water system running Hydroponic needs lights, pump, timer, growing channels and nutrients.

Should I do Hydroponic Farming: Yes, you can, Hydroponic farming is new in sector and many countries like China, India, Israel, Brazil, Australia are giving equipment, machines of hydroponic on subsidies basis. Various banks also provides loan on Hydroponic farming.


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