Honey Harvest Farm Madhumakhi Palan Loan Yojana, How To Start Bee Farm

Honey Harvest Farm Madhumakhi Palan Loan Yojana, How To Start Bee Harvest Farm National Bee Board Helps in Purchasing Box Honey Madhu Makhi palan Yojana. Any person who wants to make career in Honey Harvesting, Honey Farming or for your hobby you wanted to buy a Box of Honey where honeybee come there and submit honey from their mouth in that box. Than we have complete guidelines on Honey Harvesting Techniques, story of swarm, honey farming and advance technology and method to collect honey.

How to Separate the bees for Honey harvesting: In images you see one box. By knocking the frame is the first step to separating the bees. 2. By Bruise. 3.By Smoke. 4. Escape Board.

Putting the Frame in Honey Extractor: To extract honey from Honey box. Person first steps is to slice the cap. In some machine you can put frame in the extraction.

Queen Bee Pictures, Size: Worker, Queen and Male Drone are main script writer who are worker, protector and mother of all bee known as queen bee. Talking about queen bee who lay eggs in three stages. Queen worker and drone day and night works for queen bee.

Birth of Queen and Worker
Worker -Egg, Larva and Pupa
Time of Development in Day.
Queen laying Eggs

How to protect honey from enemies: Dragon Fly, Lizard, Bear, Spider, Wasps, Wax Moth, Frog, Snake, Rats and Ants are the main enemies of Honey Bee and Honey. You must take advice from Honey Farmers and attend seminars of agriculture sectors.
Structure of the Honey Bees:
1.Simple Eyes
2.Compund Eyes
7.First Flying Wings
8.Second WingsFore Legs
9.Middle Legs
10.Hind Legs
11.Abdominal Segments
Board: National Bee Board, Madhu Makhi Training.

Scheme and Subsidy Scheme: Mudra Shishu Yojana can help you to get loan on Honey Harvesting Farming.

Type of Honey bee Farming: Herbal Honey bee farming and Normal.