Google Sodar Social Distancing Tool For Android Smartphone, Sodar Qr Code

Google Sodar Social Distancing Tool Google Sodar Social Distancing Tool For Android Smartphones Google Sodar QR Code For Android phone Sodar Supported Device Google Sodar For IOS Apple Phones. Sodar is only available is using Chrome on Android devices. With a Supported device, scan the Qr Code with your phone camera to take you to the mobile site.

Google Sodar App Download: Google Sodar app is very useful to follow social distancing rule of Corona Virus. Sodar use AR to visualize social distancing guidelines around you.  On current time two highly technology company Apple and Google tie up to make application and machine related to Covid 19. So, Google come first with Sodar. Google Authorized smartphone users to use Sodar tool app for escaping coronavirus symptoms.

Sodar App Google Play Store: On current time Sodar app tool is not available on Google Play Store. But you scan the Qr code with Google Chrome Web Browser. Through this app you can take distance of 2 KM and it will make virtual ring with the help of Augmented Reality.

Name of App
New Feature
Covid 19 Exposer Notification Technology
Type of App
Social Distancing APP
Company Name
How to Use

2 Meter Social distancing rule
Pokémon Go

Sodar App Discovers Visual Distancing Guidelines: Google has given statement regarding Sodar App,” Sodar App is Web XR Technology. Web XR create social distancing between you and other people. Sodar - use WebXR to help visualise social distancing guidelines in your environment. Using Sodar on supported mobile devices, create an augmented reality two-meter radius ring around you.