Google Remove Chinese App From Play Store, That Delete China Apps, #trending

Google Remove Chinese App From Play Store One Touch Lab App Remove China App From Play Store Google Deleted Remove China App Google Removes China Apps. Google take down Indian Application that search any Chinese apps from the play store and asked them to remove. In 1 week you have seen various types of news which is against TikTok. Now todays our topic is something connected to TikTok. one Touch app is India based Start-up that develop Remove Chinese App. Google says Remove China App violated our rules and guidelines.

Remove China App Download: More than 50 lakh people downloaded Remove China App and for your information Global Times is closing watching our digital market. You may look at the comment of Global Times  below.  Remove China app popularity rose when the dispute started on Himalayan Boarder between two country.

OneTouch Lab App is Developer of Remove China App: Alphabet Incs Google as taken down an first Indian Mobile popular app made by OneTouch App labs. One Touch app have an experience of more than 8 years. And it specializes in Costum Mobile application Development Testing and Management Services. Remove China app is no longer available on play store.

Points To be note: After #MitronApp, #RemoveChinaApps removed from Google Play Store.

According to sources one Touch app labs did not respond anything and nor complaint to Google. But from our personal opinion if they make TikTok type app with public user response than it can gain more popularity.

What is the Public Indian Opinion:
1.Google has removed #RemoveChinaApps from its #PlayStore. Is it pressure from China? Google CEO @sundarpichai will know it better. Googles discriminate against Indian people

2.Now we all can closely understand what COMMUNISM is. #RemoveChinaApps is unavailable on play store.

3.Hello #GooglePlayStore You are banned in while you have full access to the largest market. You repeatedly show racist behavior towards. You removed #TikTok reviews; you removed #RemoveChinaApps & other  apps Should. we also ban you so you will treat us better.

4. Until We don't develop and use Our own Apps , OS , Games , Social Media Handles . They React like East India company Forcefully Harm  our Country's sentiment and push There Benefits In Front . China , America All are same. Create own World

5.Google Play Store is sold to china: It removed 6 to 8 million Reviews from Tik Tok to take ratings from 1.2 stars to 4.4 stars.