Dish TV Channel Selector App, Save Money, Modify TV Subscription

Dish TV Channel Selector App Dish TV Channel Selector App Airtel Channel Selector App Registration 2020 Trai Channel Selector Modify TV Subscription Dish TV Channel Selector Download. Now you can modify all your channel and choose which movies you wants to watch. Recently TRAI launches Channel Selector App for all Cable TV Operator, Dish Network (Airtel TV, Dish TV, Tata Sky Tv etc.) which will facilitate subscribers to view their TV subscription and modify the same. You can also read press release of Trai Channel Selector App released on 25 June 2020.

Trai Channel Selection App: TRAIS new regulation/ orders for the television and other broad casting TV network gave freedom to select television channels they want to watch. You know India is moving toward OTT network on reasonable monthly charges. Trai New Selector not only helps customers to choose their channel and will also stops some costumer who are thinking to move TV to Internet.

AIRTEL TV Channel Selector App : Trai has developed a TV Channel Selector App to provide reliable, robust and transparent systems to television subscribers. The AIRTEL TV Channel Selector App fetches the data of subscriber from respective DPOs platform through apps.

DTH Channel Selector App Registration: The subscribers will be authenticated by OTP on their Registered Mobile Number. In case there is no registered mobile number of a subscribers with DPO, a subscriber will get OTP on his/her TV Channel screen. Benefits of Channel Selector app is mentioned below.

1.You can check your own subscription.
2.You can view all channels and Bouquet provided by their DTH/ Cable operator.
3. Choose only the channel of interest and remove unwanted channels.
4. Allow users to modify existing subscription.
5.Check real time status of your subscription request.

Channel Selector App is made available on both Google play Store and apple store. Using the App costumers of DTH/ Cable Operator can see their subscription, modify (add/delete channels) subscription and set new subscription.