CBSE Psychology Teacher Recruitment 2020 Guidance Counsellor, 1015 posts

CBSE Psychology Teacher Recruitment 2020 ICSE Guidance Counsellor Recruitment 2020 CBSE 1015 Psychology Teacher Recruitment 2020 Guidance Counsellor Qualification. After suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood Superstar. CBSE and CISCE board going to trained teachers in all CBSE schools of India. In Bihar 1015 school identified by board where teacher will be trained by Psychologist. Appointment of Psychology team will lookup Students daily activities from their class, lunch and school holiday times.

CBSE Guidance Counsellor Recruitment 2020: CBSE asked all its affiliated schools for sending those students list who are not attending online classes in lockdown period. Senior Psychologist Team of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Department) will trained teachers of CBSE Schools. In Patna 1015 Schools (CBSE 965 and 50 ICSE) are selected.

Psychology Teacher & Guidance Counsellor will also talk to both Children and their Parents, regarding relationship of Children between Parents and Teachers. बच्चे डिप्रेशन और मानसिक तनाव को दूर करने के लिए स्कूलों में Psychology Teacher रखें जाएँगे 1015 School केवल पटना में मनोवैज्ञानिक के CBSE और ICSE.

1. Psychology Meanings
2. Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
3.The Bases of Human Behaviour
4.Human Development
6. Human Memory
7. Thinking
8.Motivation and Emotion

How to Become Psychology Teacher:  1. a) Master’s Degree in the subject; b) A Degree or a recognised Diploma in Education OR Three years experience of teaching Intermediate or higher classes. 2 Master’s degree in Education with Psychology as a subject.

Guidance Counsellor Jobs: Every secondary and senior secondary school shall appoint a person on full time basis for performing the duties of a Counsellor having the following qualification: Graduate/Post Graduate in psychology.

OR Post Graduate in Child Development.
Graduate/Post Graduate with Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling.

(ii) Schools having enrolment of less than 300 students in classes from IX to XII can appoint a counsellor on part-time basis. (iii) Schools which are already affiliated shall appoint a Counsellor as mentioned at sub clause 1 and 2 above within two years from the date this Rule comes into force.