13000 Vivo Mobile IMEI Number Same, Meerut Cyber Police

13000 Vivo Mobile IMEI Number Same 13557 Same IMEI Mobile Numbers Vivo Mobile Meerut Same IMEI Number on 13000 Mobile Phones Chine Vivo IMEI Number Change. Same IMEI Number of 13000 Smartphones: IMEI means International Mobile  Equipment Identity. In another world we can also say IMEI is Adhar Card of mobile phone. But one IMEI is running 13000 mobile phones in India. Meerut Zone Cyber Police identifies this crime recently. Police has registered Froud case against Vivo company for issuing same IMEI numbers.

IMEI Number Froud Case: These type of thing of same IMEI number Froud case is normal in Chinese Smart Phone company. Before Smartphone booms in India costumer buy Chinese phone and able to change IMEI number with the help of mobile repairing centres. Meerut Police found this same imei number Froud in 13500 mobiles.

How police identify Vivo Mobile Same IMEI number case: Meerut Police Sub Inspector purchased Vivo Mobile phones. Due to some technical problem he submit his mobile in Vivo Mobile Service Centre for repairing. Than company changes Battery, Screen and FM and return to costumer. But problem never ends when mobile repairing starts. After some days Ashram face another problem in mobile display.

Meerut Police 13557 Same IMEI Number court Case: ADG Prashant Kumar ordered verification of Mobile to Parabal Kumar Pankaj (Cyber Cell Prabhari) and  Vijay Kumar (Cyber Experts). Then they found mobile IMEI does not match to IMEI of phones.

Meerut Police Same IMEI Numbers: Cyber cell has asked IMEI Telecom Company to send Data. Now reports came on 24 December 2019 11.00 to 11.30 and it mentions 13557 mobile have same IMEI numbers in various state of India.

Meerut Zone ADG said,” this is against rule and someone do crime on these mobile than we will unable to find real people who are in crime.