YouTube New Chapters Features to Desktop and Mobile, Twitter

YouTube New Chapters Features Google YouTube Desktop Video Chapters Features YouTube Mobile Chapter Features. YouTube now officially released YouTube Chapters in all regions.Main benefit applies to those YouTube who makes longs video and quality content under YouTube Chapter feature. YouTube Chapter feature available in platform Mobile, Desktop and Tablets of Android, and IOS.

YouTube Chapter Video Features: User can arrange their video as a book. When Chapters are enabled, viewers watch more of the video, and come back more often on average. Creators can try Chapters by adding timestamps starting at 0:00 to your video description. Viewers, scrub to find exactly what you’re looking for.

YouTube Test Chapters: The Video Chapters feature is official. Test chapters on your own videos by adding a set of timestamps starting at 0:00 to the description.

Name of Features
YouTube Adds Chapters Feature
Mobile, Desktop
Operating System
Android, Apple OS
Helps to Navigate details on Video

Who Are Beneficiaries
Every Recognised Youtubers
May 2020

Other YouTube important Update of May:

Poll cards going away soon: Poll cards will be discontinued across all channel pages after June 10, 2020. You can still use comments to review feedback from viewers and eligible creators can use Community posts to engage with viewers. You have until July 10, 2020 to access your poll cards. Learn more.

New “Checking” icon and monetization system improvements: There’s a new “checking” icon that shows you that our systems are still reviewing your content. Ads won’t run in that time period. Upload as unlisted or private until checks are complete.

Twitter Tweet time Setup: Twitter is rolling now new features for setting (Time Schedule, Calendar) up your tweet comment in that time when you wants your tweet should be visible. May be people are thinking their tweet must be tweeted several time when they are sleeping and they wants to show and magic show.