UP Govt Applied ESMA For 6 Months, Meaning, Full Details in Hindi

UP ESMA For 6 Months Essential Service Maintenance Act UP Govt Allows ESMA For 6 Months On Government Strike UP 6 Month ESMA For Government Employee and Social Activist. UP Government implemented ESMA Act in all government department and corporation for a period of 6 months.

ESMA Act Meaning: Essential Service Maintenance Act will help to ban all department and its people to come outside for supporting their rights up to 6 Months. So up to December you as a Government can’t protest and make public gathering. ESMA act will give police right to arrest without a warrant if anybody violating the ESMA acts provisions.

Name of the State
Uttar Pradesh Government
Act Name
Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA)

6 Months
People Come In This
Government Employee
To Stop Covid 19 Symptoms, Public Gathering
U.P. Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1966
Permitted by
Governor Anandi Ben Patel
Order No.
4/2/66-CX, dated April 20, 1968

UP Essential Services Maintenance Act: Due to growing cases of Coronavirus in India. And today almost 1.6 Lakh cases of Covid 19 crores in India. In few days ago you have listen UP Government suspended Nagar Pratikar Bhatta 7 allowance for government employee. Due to this decision many employee association started protesting and wants govt to apply this rule.

Under ESMA Act, Employee in a long range will not be allowed to gather in Banks, Post Offices, Railway, Airports and Port Operation. So any person who found breaking rule than he she will be under this Act.

1.Power to prohibit strikes in certain employments.
2.Penalty for illegal strikes
3.Penalty for giving financial aid to illegal strikes
4.Power to arrest without warrant
5.Act to override other State Laws
6.Repeal and saving