Railway Suraksha Kavach For Doctors, Staff Nurse, Railway Invention

Railway Suraksha Kavach Indian Railway Surakshak Kavach For Doctors New PPE Equipments For Staff Nurse, Railway Invention Suraksha Kavach. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said Indian Railway has developed Railway Protection Shield for their Para Medical Staff. Through Railway Suraksha Kavach doctors can treat patients without any type of Corona Infection. Shielding from Exposure Railways is manufacturing a new innovative device, ‘intubation boxes’, to aid the medical fraternity in our fight against COVID-19 Creating a barrier between patient & doctor, the box acts as a protective shield & minimises exposure to the attendant.

Railway Suraksha Kavach is a protection instrument.

With the help of suraksha kavach doctors can treat patient without going to nearer to them.
Railway minister has declared this new product on Friday on its twitter with two photos of Railway Suraksha Kavach. 
You can see Railway Health worker with Intubation box made of glass. 
Main benefit of Suraksha Kavach is no more infection of Corona transfer while doctor treatment. 

Note: On current time Doctors, Police and Constable is the largest effected people with Covid 19. So this box is used to protect PMS staff for covid 19 symptoms.