Italy Takis Corona Vaccine, Europe 1000 Tons paracetamol From India

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India going to send 1000 tons of paracetamol to European countries and Italy has made first corona vaccine before Israel who made Anti Body of Covid- 19 vaccine. Researcher of Italy claimed they have made corona vaccine which can work in Human cell. They published this report on news website. According to Arab news Italian pharmaceutical firm Takis has developed this coronavirus vaccine. Takis has examines this vaccine on one of Covid 19 patients in hospital named Rome’s infectious-disease Spallanzani Hospital.

This is first time in a history that Italy people feel proud that Italy became first country to apply for Vaccine that can treat Corona. Spallanzani Hospital told in media press meeting that we will soon test this vaccine directly on Human and we are first in the world to invent vaccine of corona and we believe it will work on human. Research first tested Takis Vaccine on Rat for making anti body.

Aurisicchio told ANSA," For experiments researcher made five types of vaccine. In huge amount lots of anti-body made. In that five vaccine we selected good quality of vaccine to test it on human.

1. Israel recently announced their researcher have developed Anti Body to fight against Covid 19 vaccine.

2. In USA one vaccine is being developed by Moderna Inc and is an RNA vaccine.

3.UK vaccine candidate at Oxford University, called Chadox1, is also an adenovirus vector vaccine.

Europe has asked India to give 1000 tone of Raw material API for making paracetamol.