Indias Tiktok Mitron TV App, Mitron App Crosses 50 Million Subscribers, Rating 4.7

India’s Tiktok Mitron TV App, Mitron App Rating IIT Students Shashank Agarwal Tiktok Vs Mitron TV APP Mitron APP features Tiktok Rating Today Download Mitron Google play STORE. Indian Kharagpur Students has made India's Tiktok App called Mitron TV app. In Google Play Store Mitron TV app crosses 50 Lakh download with in 1 Month and day by day people are installing in their smartphones. Mitron App is giving directly challenge to TikTok after major controversy met with YouTube Star Carry minute and Tiktok Star Faisal Siddiqui.


Mitron APP Developer Name: An IIT students has made or developed the Mitron APP which do same work as TikTok do. For international is they wants to know how popular is becoming Mitron app than we tell you daily 5 lakh hit on an average. You can also say  it is duplicate of Tiktok APP with some modification only.


Mitron Vs Tiktok: Many people objected on Tiktok Algorithm. Tiktok users says it only supports popular people and don’t favours real content video make. If you see in Tiktok daily video. Many people found religion based hates, hate contents, abuse against women and anti-India,  tiktok is using by below 18 years of age.


1.Recently google deleted review of 20 Lakh people for increasing tiktok rating. You can see tiktok rating below.

2. 50 Lakh people downloaded Mitron app in 1 month.

3. Daily git 5 lakh downloads.

4. It is now number 2 android app in India



According to Tech Radar,” Mitron app is for right wingers, who helps people to support. Mitron means friends in Hindi. But all these popular website should not differentiate people on political basis.


IIT Kharagpur Shashak Agarwal Mitron APP CEO: In a large manner Mitron Tv app is becoming popular in India. So we only advice Shashank Agarwal to come forward and support Mitron TV app between communities.