Google 1000$ Allowance For Work From Home, Rs 75,000 To India Employee

Google 1000$ Allowance For Work From Home Google Work From Home Allowance 1000 Dollar Rs 75,000 Google Work From Home Allowance to India Employee Google Tiktok New Rating Google Voice Verification Feature Test Google Tiktok Ratings. Google is offering 1000 dollar allowance to all employee who are working from Home. Google CEO said in a press meeting of its Google Office California that from July onwards google will increase 10% employee in its office and up to 30 % employee extended in the month of September. Allowance of 1000 dollar will help employee to buy furniture and laptops, mobiles, modems and any types of internet equipment that google employee need.

Google Tiktok Rating Above 4: From 3 to 4 days Google has deleted 5 million reviews for increasing Tiktok ratings. From first day when war broke between CarryMinati (YouTube) and Faizal Siddiqui (Tiktok Influencer) tiktok is facing less download and increases TiktokBan in Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Google Assistant New Feature For Purchasing in Amazon, eBay, Flipkart: The new voice feature of Google assistant helps to purchase goods from Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and Flipkart through voice. This voice based system on pilot programme is testing on smart speaker and smart display. For your information google recently updated Voice Match Training Feature.

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Google CEO Sundar Pecha Blog Posts: Google CEO Sundar Pechai in his blog posts talked about openings of office and to call 10 percent employee. In September months google also said to increase 30 percent workforce in office through roaster system.