EK Desh Ek Bazaar Niti Yojana Registration, One Nation One Market Scheme

EK Desh Ek Bazaar Niti Yojana Registration Pradhan Mantri Matasya Sampada Yojana 2020 One Nation One Market Scheme 2020 EK Desh Ek Bazaar Yojana Full Details 2020. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman publicly announce package for Agriculture, Dairy, Farming and Fishery Sector. Total 1.63 budget allocated for these sector and she also said to make changes in Avashyak Vastu Adhiniyam and Krishi Vipdan Niti for bringing EK Desh EK Bazaar Niti. In her third instalment she said to make structure of basic frame which can help to look up problems faced by all above sector. 
One Nation One Market Scheme: Below are total 11 steps to increase income of farmers. Now farmers can sell their crops online from their field without having any mediator.  Main Objective of this EK Nation One Market Scheme to sell farmers crops on affordable price. Government main priority is to increase standard of living and also stopping harassment of farmers. 

Essential Commodities ACT
Potato, Onion , Pulse and Oil will be out from law.
If any type of Inflation or Drought occur than Stock limit law (Many people store all these products to bring inflation) will be applied to stop import of these products.
Benefit: It will help to stop inflation. 

Krishi Vipdan Sudhan (Changes in Agriculture Marketing)
Law will be made for selling farmers crops on good price. It will help farmers to make more profit.
Without any type of stoppage state can purchase goods.

Control on Agriculture Production and Quality.
Farmers can directly connect to industry, business men, wholesale buyers where they wants to sell online. 
Specialist will be recruited to check the quality of farmers crops.

Special Funds: Total 1 Lakh crore special fund announced to make New Centres which help to new, where farmers can sell farming products.

Farmers Micro Food Scheme: Rs 10,000 crore budget added to make special cluster for benefitting small MSME Food Unit. 

Pradhan Mantri Matasya Sampada Yojana: 55 Lakh jobs in Pradhan Mantri matasya Sampada Yojana. Total budgets for fishing industry is Rs 20,000 crore.

Pashu Rog Niyantran Karyakram: PM Modi announce National Animal Disease Control Programme and Rs 13000 crore allocated for vaccination of animal husbandry.

Dairy Scheme: The total budget of Pradhan Mantri Dairy scheme is Rs 15000 which will help dairy farmers to store their milk products in their region. 

Madhu Makkhi Palan (Bee Farming): This BEE Farming scheme will benefit to 2 Lakh bee farmers. Rs 500 crore budget passed.

Herbal Plant Scheme: To increase income of farmers investment of Rs 4000 crore in 10 Lakh hectare fields for planting Ayurvedic and Herbal Plant.

Operation Green: Rs 500 crore allocated for production of green vegetables.