Corona RT Lamp Test Price in India at Rs 90, Reliance CSIR RT Lamp Test

Corona RT Lamp Test Price in India Corona Test Price in India Coronavirus RT Lamp Test Report Price in 90 Rupees Reliance CSIR RT Lamp test Corona Price in India Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and Reliance Research has made a technique (RT Lamp Test) that can give Corona Patients report in 90 Rupees. Both CSIR and Reliance medical team invented a machine that can give report of any person with valuable price of Rs 90. So if you wants to test your body whether infected with corona virus or not or wants to go or travel by Flights, Train, Bus Journey or by own expense than you have to kept your latest report on corona.
Covid 19 RT Lamp Test Price: Both Reliance and CSIR Medical team is celebrating to find some valuable relief under Corona Budget. And very soon both team will send this report to ICMR ( Indian Council of Medical Research) for approval.  Talking to one of  member of Reliance said," this test is based on COVID-19 RT-PCR test that can find virus. RT-PCR test is a real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.

Reliance CSIR RT Lamp test: It will soon available in Airports, Trains, Hospitals and other areas where urgently need to check public in mass basis. In Jammu, CSIR based Laboratory Director of Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Tam Vishwa Karma has told," We successfully invented this test for people. And we are planning in large manner to make available in local market. 

RNA Lamp Corona lamp Test: On current time the costs of machine for RTPCR Test is Rs 15 Lakh. But we don’t required that costly RTPCR machine. However we can see RNA Lamp Test as a replacement. We can get result of in 30 Minutes,