Bois Locker Room Story From South Delhi, Instagram

Bois Locker Room Story Boys Locker Group Latest News 2020 South Delhi Students Instagram Group Name Boys Locker Room Noida Students Boys Locker Room.

In this lockdown period we have seen various types of controversy news like Tabligi Jamaat, Politics on Labours from different source, Railway Tickets issue, Arogya Setu App and many more. The Story of Bois Locker Room or Boys Locker room is connected to Delhi location of South Delhi. Bois Locker room have made a secret chat group in Social Media Account and where they share Pictures of Girls who they know and they are planning some bad things. Mostly are boys and some people also saying girls are also there.
Cyber cell of Delhi Police has investigated and on current time more than 20 police arrested and boys belongs to good family and studying in we known popular school. Students mobile phones are seized.

Mostly teens aged between 15 to 17 years and they are 11th and 12th class students. Girl posted a locker room screen shot where boys are chatting to Harras, Rape girls. Boys share Girls photos and message what they want to do with girls.

One of Message that we can’t write but for our users we are writing," I WILL Rape her, we can do many thing easily,

Cybercrime has also send ordered to Facebook and Instagram to tell more about Bois Locker Room. Total linkage of 5 private school (4 School from New Delhi and 1 school from Noida) of 100 boys is involve in this Bois Locker Room.