5G Signal on Mount Everest, If You Climb From Chinese Side

5G Signal on Mount Everest China 5G Tower in Mount Everest Huawei 5G Tower in China Administrated Tiber 5G Tower Installation Price. China has started its 5G Network services in Mount Everest. If any mountaineer, scientist, researcher and media come through Chinese side then they will get facility of 5G network in Mount Everest. Two companies of Chinese telecom sector Huawei and China Mobile Hongkong made 5G Tower at a height of 6500 metres in advance base camp of Mount Everest. According to Huawei (Chinese Telecom Giant) said," you will feel download speed of 1.66 GB per second and upload speed of 215 MB per second at 5300m height.

This 5G Facility is available in Himalaya Region of Tibet world’s highest-altitude base station. On current time 5G network is only on trial stages and once it fully commercial than people can enjoy 5G network benefits.

5G Speed in Mount Everest minimum 1 GB download speed and uploading speed minimum 200 mbps. For more details you can also read in Hindi. Total Costs 1.45 Million Dollar
Image-Amar Ujala

With the help of Yak and Chinese mobile staff controversial 5G technology has been installed on Mount Everest.

Mount Everest has an altitude of more than 8,840 metres, with its north part located in Xigaze prefecture of Tibet (China-Tibet-Nepal border) Autonomous Region.

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the first true arrival at Mount Everest from the side northern slope, and the 45th anniversary of China’s 1st official accurate measurement and announcement of Mount Everest, the 5G network on Mount Everest will provide communication services for this 2020 Mount Everest re-measurement is of great significance, the statement added.

Note: Sagarmatha is official name of Mount Everest in Nepal.