Varis Praman Patra Application Form, Legal Heir Certificate Format in Hindi

Varis Praman Patra Application Form UP MP Rajasthan Bihar Varis Praman Patra UP Varis Praman Patra Format in Hindi Legal Heir Certificate Format in Hindi So friends this is Varis Praman Patra (legal heir certificate) Format in Hindi. The main use of varies praman patra is to get jobs under Mritak Ashrit (getting jobs in service period of Mother Father or any other person who approved you), Getting Property right, becoming part of pension scheme and you can also say it as Power of Attorney (Uttaradhikari). Varis Praman Patra Certificate made under approval of Magistrate, Tehsildar or any high rank officer posted in office of Tehsil. The other use of Varis Praman patra is pay house tax, submit Income Tax Return, Getting Prepaid Telephone Connection and Electricity connection.
How to Apply for Varis Praman Patra:

To get Varis Praman Patra of themselves. One should write an application form with the help of Advocate. Then advocate will first ask you to go Family Register Receipt (Parivar Register ki Nakal). In Family Register your all family name, age, birth, place of living and signature of government employee is listed there.

Below are important document required to make Varis Praman Patra (Legal heir certificate)
Aadhaar Card
Domicile Certificate (Nivas Praman Patra)
Parivar Register ki Nakal.
Death Certificate of person with his/her date.
Identity certificate
Affidavit on Stamp Paper.

Application fees: Minimum 5 to 10 Rs charge taken by shopkeeper for application form with Rs 2 Mohar (Stamp ticket).
How much time taken to make Legal Kanooni Varis Praman Patra: Minimum 15 to 30 days of time taken. But if valid people approved you that they know you than within or two days your Varis Praman Patra will be made.

Note: Now everything is online.