UP Parishadiya School Teacher Recruitment 2020, 1 Lakh 41 Thousand

UP Parishadiya School Teacher Recruitment 2020 Primary and UP Higher Secondary School Recruitment 2020 In all Basic Shiksha Parishad School numbers on 158914 Primary and Higher Secondary School urgently wants 1 Lakh 41 thousand teachers and Principal. The difference of vacant posts in uttar pradesh visible when we leave 69000 Assistant teacher bharti. like if we add 69000 vacant posts to todays data of 1,41 teacher than it almost cross to 2 lakh 10 thousand posts. According to UP Free and mandatory education Act 2009 113289 Parishadiya Primary School have 160533 posts of Assistant Teacher and Principal posts and same as it is 50088 posts are vacant in UP Higher Secondary Education.

UP Government has stopped direct recruitment of teachers in Ucch Prathmik School. Total 45625 prathmik school assistant teacher vacancies are stopped now and its case is also running in Allahabad High court. Before this bharti, In 2013 Maths Science Teacher case are pending in Supreme Court of India. So government has decided to fill all vacancy of teachers on promotion basis. That is why 48205 posts of Sahayak Adhyapak may not come soon and their is also 1883 posts of Principal is there.

Talking primary school principal posts is double under registered. On current time 68191 Principal is posts out of registered 22444 posts.

According to RTE, Principal posts only will be filled when number of students in primary school is 150 almost.