Pink Moon on 7 April in India, Super Pink Moon, Ulka Varsha 22, 23 April

Super Pink Moon on 7th April 2020 3000 Galaxy Found in Orion Star System Super Pink Moon Time and Date Super Pink Moon. We all know that we are in Lockdown and due to corona we unable to watch movies, spends some time with friend and unable to earn money from our jobs. So friend here we talking about astronomy and on Tuesday, 7th April 2020 will see some new discovery of moon. Moon will change its color from White to Pink and it will be big from its normal size. Now Earth is making environment more sustainable to breath and according popular Space Agencies in the Earth like NASA and Isro. Our Earth improves its ozone layer up to 95 %.  Astronomer without Boarder has declared April month as Astronomy Months. In summer time Days are long and Night is shot. We can watch starts clearer and brighter.
Meteor Shower on 22, 23 April 2020: After watching super pink moon now it’s time to see Meteor shower On 22 April Wednesday, 23 April Thursday. With Naked eyes and exact time in some places of India you can see Ulka Pind Varsha.

Time to watch Super Pink Moon: Date: 7 April 2020, Time: 11.38.
Super moon will be bigger than Normal Moon.
30% brighter than normal moon.

Sumit says if we marked moon as CENTRE point than we can see our planets easier by telescope and by naked eyes with the help of any guide you can mark Saturn, Jupiter, and Moon with creatures, Orion Star System. In Hindi we say Kaal Purush Tara Mandal.

Breaking news: In a research and through Hubble telescope identifies 3000 + galaxies in 7 star system (Saptrishi Tara Mandal).

Beetle Juice is brightest star in this group of star constellation.