Make Money With Mask at Home, Start Your Own Business of Mask

Make Money With Mask at Home How to Make Make Money with Mask How to Start a A 95 Mask Business How to make face mask at home grow your face mask from home. In todays period of Lockdown in India and the World. Mostly half of private people have lost their jobs. On current time data of corona virus patient in India is exceeded to 9000 and 1000 people also recovered right now. Here we are talking about how to make money at home or how to start a business of mask in your home. This is concept of Work from Home. Indian Government advices all its employee to work from home. According to resources up to 2 year people will apply mask on their face, whenever they come outside their home. Japan is the only country in the world whoes people always use mask where you see them.

You can start your business of Mouth covering mask from home. You only need neat and clean clothes of silk, linen and govt approved cotton. But don't use Underwear, bra to make mouth covering mask.

In India only registered company can make A 95 Mask which have three layer protection that can block smallest particle and helps them to protect from coronavirus. However normal mask can protect big particle and air to air symptoms from one people to another.

The CDC  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the US authority on protocols and protections against COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. And also approved A 95 MASK Is best protection mask to wear.

1. You can make a group who can provide mask in short period of time.
2. in wholesale rate Price of mask is Rs 3 and in general store shopkeeper it sale at Rs 5 to 10 Rupees. but everything is based on quality and items applied on that mask.
3. Contact to person who can purchase your mask.
4. You can also sell your mask online.

Cotton Fabric, Lenin, Silk
Rubbers, Elastic.
Mask should be made in two layer which can block small particle.