Belarus President Vodka Can Fight Corona, Nobody will Die

Belarus President Vodka Statement to Fight with Coronavirus Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko Vodka Drinking is Medicine for Coronavirus. 3 Days ago Belarus President Says Drinking Vodka can defeat coronavirus. The Name of Belarus President is Alexander Lukashenko has seriously adviced to drink vodka, going to saunas and driving tractors to fight the virus. If you wanted to know Condition of Coronavirus Patient in Belarus than total 28 death and 2,919 confirmed coronavirus cases (Claimed by Health Ministry). Alexander Lukashenko said these deaths were due to other disease such as Heart Disease and Diabetes.

President Since: 20 July 1994.

Their is no proper lockdown created in Belarus and on 19th April Churches will remain open in the run-up to Orthodox Easter.

What Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said about Corona:
1. He suggested all people with positive aptitude.
2. He advice to drink Vodka to cure Coronavirus. He further said he is more concerned about country economy instead of corona.
3. He also says," if a person stays positive than his/her body immune system will be stronger.

Note: His comment came after World Health Organization on 11th April to make lockdown system measures to fight coronavirus.