Amazon 75000 jobs warehouse staff and delivery boy

Amazon 75000 jobs in USA India France Italy England Amazon delivery boys jobs in lockdown time Amazon 75000 jobs opening for freshers. So friend prime minister modi announce 3 may as 2nd lock down of India.Now it's tiem for all delivery company to send pending delivery on time. Under this lockdown period Indian Government and its state only approve registered delivery boys (in uttar pradesh supply Mitra ) to send important goods and items to common public of India. On 14th April 1000 new case found in India and more tha. 1100 people are recoverer.
In USA amazon 100000 warehouse staff and delivery boys hired to meet demand of people and also added 🙌 2 dollar per employee who works on fast mode.

On current time due to covid 19 nobody wants to be in Ventilator and no body wants to effected with corina. So mostly old Amazon workers leave their job's due to fear or they submit letter to their company manager that they will soon come back when everything will normal 🙏.