PF For 15000 Per Month Employee Up to 3 Month, PM Modi Scheme

PF For 15000 Per 3 Month 100 Employee Provident Fund For Employee 3 Month PF Contribution PF Withdrawl 75% PM Modi PF Scheme 2020. Prime Minister Modi has announced Provident Fund Scheme for workers working in company. In the budget of 1 Lakh 70 Thousand crore, Nirmala Sitaraman (Finance Minister of India) discuss some important news on Provident Fund. Employee and Employer of 100 workers are eligible under EPFO to draw up to 75% of their non-refundable advance or 3 months of wages. Government of India also give contribution of 12% interest in employee account up to 3 months. It will applicable employee to withdraw money for 3 month and in that company where 90 percent workers earn less then Rs 15,000 per month.

More than 4.8 crore employee in India is registered with Provident fund and in this period these workers urgently need money to stay home and safe home.

Sitaraman also added some scheme for 80 crore India to provide them Free Wheat, Rice and Pulse up to 3 month. 20 crore women gets free gas cylinder for 3 months, MGNREGA Labours are getting there advance payment of Rs 202 daily in their pm jan dhan bank account.

Name of the posts: Provident Fund For 100 worker company.

Benefit: 75% PF Withdrawl.