Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus Test Positive Treatment in Lucknow

May be this is the first case in Bollywood regarding coronavirus but whoes faults its. It's is the daily fan or celebrity who hide herself from airport after completing winter vacation. But everyone wants in India freedom regarding no body ask themselves where they wants to go or directly say privacy under democracy. From 22 March we review first lockdown or Janta Curfew and one lady named Kanika Kapoor comes from London holiday. Now she's test Bollywood.

Well the story is she cum Kanika Kapoor who have sings some popular songs like chitiya kalaiyan, jugni, baby doll. Now test positive. She is now in Lucknow Kmgu hospital and her family in Mumbai. According to aaj Tak news where she is living and person who got connected is very scared now. Because in airport she don't wants to receive checking on coronavirus issue and some staff help her to escape from checkup. And she also celebrated party in Lucknow and those officer who connected or invited by her also scared Right now.