Health Worker Staff Nurse 50 Lakh Insurance Scheme, Asha, Doctors etc

Health Worker 50 Lakh Insurance Scheme PM Modi Nirmala Sitaraman 50 Lakh Insurance For Doctors Ashas Safai Karmi Sanitation Workers Latest News. Staff Nurse 50 Lakh Insurance Scheme In this Stage of Coronavirus, Central Government is on a High Alert. Because these types of  epidemic requires Microscopic Treatment by Doctors and their team. It is good to know India is following every steps to completely remove in short period of time. Lets go to posts that we attracted you to come here i.e. 50 Lakh Health Insurance Scheme for health workers who are participating in coronavirus treatment. Safai karamcharis, socialist, ward-boys, nurses (male female), paramedics, technicians, doctors and specialists and other health would be covered by this special 50 Lakh insurance scheme.On 26th March 2020 Finance Minister of India announced Rs 50 Lakh Insurance Scheme to all paramedical staff.

50 Lakh Insurance Scheme For Health Workers: Some others workers like Anganwadi Workers, Asha, ANM and Sanitation Workers will also be included in Prime Minister Modi Health Insurance Scheme. For More details and top 10 news on Indian Government Coronavirus Relief Package you should check another sources also.

If any workers effected with COVID 19 Positive. Than He/She can claim Rs 50 Lakh insurance for all purpose treatments.

More than 22 Lakh professional becomes one man army to fight with villain named Coronavirus. Recently according to data of Moneycontrol, Bisuness Insiders. India Coronavirus Positive Case rises to 649. But good news is also there.

India able to stops some Covid cases on 26th March through all India complete lockdown. For Normal persons Rs 5 Lakh health insurance scheme is implemented for their bad times.

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