Hantavirus Treatment in India How It Spread, Symptoms, Latest News

Hantavirus Treatment in India Which Animal Spread #Hantavirus How to Check Hantavirus Treatment Hantavirus new virus from China Hantavirus test costs. Hello friends hope you are staying at home and watching our article on Hantavirus coming from china. We are already working to stop coronavirus disease but china has given another hantavirus to the world. First of all you should know that Hantavirus disease delivery approved by Rats. Yes you are right Rats cum Rodents are the main passenger of Hantavirus.  In top trending news on twitter, facebook and youtube is hantavirus.

Coronavirus Breaking News in India of 5.35 PM: Coronavirus cases in India is in good condition and news of evenings says coronavirus soon destroys from India land. How Hantavirus Spread: The lost of question put up from all health conscious person that how hantavirus spread ?.  

1. Virus Found in Rodent faces like squirrel, rats, Mole rat known as chachundar in Hindi. 

How Human Effected with Hantavirus: In your house or garden. Large number of rats squirrel found and you are not taking any measure to control than it may become problem.

Hantavirus Symptoms: Fever and chills, Headache, Vomiting, pain in body. In stage 1 doctor unable to differentiate between influenza, pneumonia or other viral fever with hantavirus. Then after 10 days you may seen some problem like.

Dry cough.
Low blood pressure.
Lung problem
Reduced heart efficiency

Breathing problem.

Hantavirus Treatment or Test: This is important question on Hantavirus regarding Hantavirus disease doctors, nurse. Than on current time their is no special treatment of hantavirus and it is normal and not spread through or human to human. 

According to CDC (centre for disease control): Hantavirus does not effect rodents but person can die. Hantavirus found in deer mouse (2 to 3 inch size) found in Washington state only. 

How to avoid Hantavirus: You should not sleep on the floor. Take proper care of home like store room.