GST Lottery Yojana Win Rs 1 Crore with Costumer Receipt

GST Lottery Yojana Online Registration 2020 GST Lottery Scheme Rs 1 Crore GST Lottery Winners List How to Apply for GST Lottery Scheme  download GST Lottery App from Play store.
In India Central Government will launch lottery scheme for its costumer. On 14th March 2020 GST Lottery Yojana appeared in all GST State of India who have made guidelines related to GST Lottery Yojana. Central and State Revenue department of India will play a major role to establish GST Lottery Scheme. GST lottery Yojana Winner gets awards and rewards into 3 categories and in April 2020 Thos Gross Settlement Tax Scheme launched al over India. Every month GST Lucky Draw Result announced and GST department includes all your correct receipt between shopkeeper and Costumer. From 10 Lakh rupees to Rs 1 crore winners prize marked.

Why Government is introducing GST Lottery Scheme: Main objective of making Lottery Yojana is to stop corruption, improving collection and creating awareness of purchasing any goods with pure receipt (pakki rasid) to costumers.

Kaise Bane Crorepati: If you wants to become millionaire (crorepati) in related GST Lottery Yojana than you need to follow some important rules.

1. Always purchase any goods with confirmed receipt from those shopkeeper who have their GST Number.

2. Through mobile app downloaded from play store and Apple I Store. you should upload your receipt. In last month mobile app for GST lottery yojana will be available in both apple store.

3. You are free to upload all your bills, receipt how much you want. If your bill choosen by government than you are eligible to claim 10 Lakh GST Lottery Yojana.