Platinum in Lalitpur UP District, In a Very Big Amount

Platinum in Lalitpur Gold Reserve in Lalitpur District Lalitpur Platinum Reserve Mining latest news of Lalitpur Platinum Metal. Lalitpur Bundelkhand Latest news of platinum total reserve. In a very big amount platinum reserve found in UP Lalitpur District. Though platinum and Gold of Sonbhadra will make India in Top 5 list of world wide Platinum Reserve and Gold Reserve. So here we are talking about Platinum Reserve in Lalitpur. Geological Survey of India (GSI) founds platinum reserve in large manner. UP Lalitpur District Platinum reserve will also help many foreign company to invest in mining latest news of lalitpur district platinum reserve. The Zone of Bundlekhand, Lalitpur district you can search on Google Map. GSI has divided Lalitpur Platinum reserve area in 5 category. Platinum is Costlier than Gold and its uses in many that are following.

How Must Reserve in Lalitipur District Platinum Found: अगर देख जाए सोमभद्र (3000 Ton) में जिस
प्रकार से सोने की खोज हुई हम यही कामना करते है उतना ही निकले।

Lalitpur Gold Reserve: Not only platinum but also gold reserve is also their in these mountain where Platinum reserves found.

Rank, Country/Region, 2014 Platinum production (kilograms) 

5. United States: 3,650
4. Canada: 7,200
3. Zimbabwe: 11,000
2. Russia: 25,000
1. South Africa: 110,000

World: 161,000

Good News: हर ज़िले के भूगर्भ में सोना होने के संकेत हैं।

G3 survey: Nideshak Bhutatva Evam Khanijkarm Roushan Jacob has said कितना भंडार है प्लैटिनम का, और क्या क्वालिटी है। इसका सर्वे भी होगा।

Rockphosphet: Van Vibhag permission is necessary for mining of any type by using any machine. Lalitpur people and area where gold reserve sign and platinum reserve are very lucky.


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