10 Lakh OBC Scholarship Payment 2019-20, Latest News February

10 Lakh OBC Scholarship Payment 2019-20 Due to loss of budget and financial problem. May be UP Government did not pass the amount to scholarship department but we think all OBC students soon get scholarship. Department of other backward class wanted more Rs 900 crore to pay students admission amount who fill OBC scholarship scheme 2020. बजट मिलने के बाद ही लाभान्वित हो पाएँगे बचे छात्र व छात्राओं को।

OBC Scholarship Scheme 2019-20: On current time 22 Lakh students apply for Dashmottar Scholarship and शुल्क प्रतिपूर्ति के लिए आवेदन किया था। But OBC department has only amount for 10 Lakh students. छात्रवृत्ति योजना में ६०९ करोड़ का बजट था इससे २० लाख छात्रों की छात्र वृत्ति मिली है। इसमें दो लाख छात्र रह गए है। Good news is also for general students who have received their scholarship on current time. However OBC students who got it 66% marks are eligible to get scholarship but still they dont get.

New rule of OBC scholarship: १. मेरिट के आधार पर आपको स्कालर्शिप मिलेगी। 2. ६६ पर्सेंट वालों को पहले स्कालर्शिप मिलेगी। to get more information on scholarship : kindly visit here