31 December 2000 note, You can replace with 1000 Rbi Notes, Fake News

31 December 2000 note 1000 Rs note on 1st January 2020 RBI Bane 2000 note after 31st December 2019. It is real that RBI not making some new Rs 2000 notes but Reserve Bank of India did not approved anybody comment that RBI is stopping Rs 2000 notes from 31st December 2019. So you should not panic and dont exchange your money with Rs 500, 100 notes or by gold because to stop fake currency and to control money flow, RBI uses some rules to make economy more acceptable to other investment.

From 1st January 2020 Reserve Bank of India issue Rs 1000 notes for all public. It will become great relief for us. Main problem we faced during selling and buying any goods is currency exchange. Whenever we have Rs 2000 notes than we wants only Rs 500. As it is easy to carry (4 Notes of Rs 500) than Rs 100 (20 notes). Below are some importing points you should know before going to face any type of trouble or romours on Rs 2000 notes demonitization.

Here is the Viral message people sending each relatives, family and friends: Viral message is:

RBI 1000 Rs Fake News 1: RBI will release a new 1000 Rs note on 1st January 2020 and stop taking 2000 note back after 31st December 2019.

RBI 31st December Whatsapp Fake News 2: Central Reserve Bankof India Releasing new Rs.1000/- notes on 1st January 2020.

Twitter Fake News 3: Reserve Bank taking back all the Rs.2000/- notes.

Fake News 4: You can only exchange Rs.50,000/- So, kindly start changing your 2000/- notes immediately.

Fake News 5: After 31st December 2019 you cannot change your Rs.2000 notes.”