Taj Mahal Night View Ticket Booking, वह भी सिर्फ़ 20 रुपया में, taj night view rate and time

Taj Mahal Night View Ticket Booking ताज महल night view ticket price Taj Mahal Domestic Night View Price Foreigner Night View Ticket Rate in Tajmahal Chandni Raat. Now you can view Taj mahal in night view not from your mobile or in photo but from original eyes. from 15 November 2019 people with their family can register themselves to watch White Marble made Taj Mahal from Mehtab Garden. Previous rules of watching Taj Mahal is only is for some period and occasion only. Taj Mahal night view ticket booking rate for common people in India is only Rs 20. Mehtab bagh is a place where tourist can view Taj Mahal view of Morning and Evening time.

दूरी बराबर, टिकट डर में 490  रुपया का अंतर 
1. Night View point of tajmahal opening date 15 November 2019.
2. Minimum ticket price Rs 20 from mehtab park.
3. Maximum Rs 510 and Rs 750 for national and international tourist.
4.  opening time morning 7.00 am and closing time of Taj mahal night view point is 12.00 midnight.

Taj Mahal Night View Ticket Rate: मुख्य गुंबद से रेड सेंड स्टोन प्लाट्फ़ोर्म की दूरी ३०० मीटर है। इसकी टिकट डर Rs 500 foe Indian Tourist and Rs 750 for International Foreign Tourist. Taj Mahal night view rate Mehtab Bagh: Only Rs 20 charged by Taj Mahal ticket booker for both Foreign and International tourist. 300 metre distance of Taj mahal boundary to mehtaab bagh.

Taj Mahal night View Time:
1. Morning 7.00 am to 10.00 AM.
2. Evening 7.00 pm to 10.00 PM.
3. Poornima evening 7.00 to midnight 12.00 pm.

where night view point of taj mahal constructed in agra: mehtaab bagh and between the yamuna river.