Helmet Challan UP RTO Fine Rate List, On the Spot, पीछे वालों का चालान

Helmet Challan UP RTO Fine Rate List UP Helmet Challan Traffic Police On the Spot, पीछे वालों का चालान Pillion Riders Penalty on First Time Traffic Police Police Challan. After heavy protest on latest challan rates in India made by central govt transport department. There is still needed some strictness between public and traffic police. In India we always escape from traffic rules in developing city from traffic police. But in metro city like Kanpur, Lucknow, Agra, Noida and Ghaziabad you should have all types of facilities in your bike and car what traffic police wants. Our advice is you should follow traffic rules, other wise you are playing game with your life as well as your monthly salary. for example if your house wife expense cylinder gas per month than normal price without subsidy is Rs 500 to Rs 700 without subsidy and recently you met traffic police without helmet than your challan of Rs 1000. if you compare with new helmet challan rate with other than it almost 10 times more stronger than pervious year helmet challan cum fine rates i.e. Rs 100. 
Helmet Challan New Rules: In Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi has given relaxation on all challan and said after Diwali new challan rate imposed. Below are some points regarding helmet 2019 fine rate list.

1. हेल्मेट अब एक आदमी नहीं पहनेगा, अब दोनो का चालान होगा । अगर एक लगा कर चला। 
2. पहले १०० रुपया लगता था अब १००० रुपया लगेगा 
३. हालाँकि ज़्यादा फ़ाइन ना लगे आप उस समय का चालान जमा कर सकते जो की ज़्यादा नहि है या फिर sorry  कह सकते हैं।
४. 1 November से राज्य में pillion rider को हेल्मेट चार पहिया में बग़ल में बैठी सवारी को सीट बेल्ट अनिवार्य रूप से पहनें रहना है। 
5. New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 says wearing of helmets compulsory for riders and pillion riders of all two-wheel. 

Helmet Pillion Traffic Police Challan: According to The Hindu article pillion riders challan implemented on 1 February 2016. Pillion riders without helmets to be fined from 1 November 2019.

On the spot traffic police challan penalty: It is good to pay your first penalty of Rs. 100 will be collected from first time offenders and repeat offenders will have to pay Rs. 500 for every offence. Note: So you should buy helmet for you and your family. It can save your life as well as future. 

What mention you up helmet challan rates, helmet not wearing Rs 1000, without wearing seat belt Rs 1000, talking on mobiles Rs 5000, dangerous driving Rs 5000, without insurance Rs 2000, without DL Rs 2000, overspeeding challana Rs 1000, without permit Rs 10,000.