ColorOS 7 Smartphone Feature 2020 Video Editing, Screenshot, Darkmode etc

ColorOS 7 Smartphone Feature 2020 Color OS 7 Video Editing Software Soloop Coloros 7 Camera X FEATURES Coloros 7 mobile price list coloros 7 dark mode benefit. Here we collected some of important feature of Color OS 7 than can give tough competition to Android platform. Before talking about Coloros 7 mobile specification I personally watch many videos of Coloros 7 on youtube and on official website of Colour OS 7. Than I say, if you are going to buy new android phone without looking into it like what is latest features of new android phone. Will they provide new features like color OS 7 giving its users. Than you should compare Color OS 7 with new android OS. Than definetly you get TechOS on it.So look below and read some important features of colorOS 7.
Chinese smartphone company Oppo is officially launched new Android type ColorOS 7 in India. The main motive of ColorOS 7 is to attract Indian users.

Video editing: Soloop is application of Coloros7 where you can edit your video and upload it on youtube, tiktok, starmaker, like and various other platform that supports personally you.

Screenshot: Screen saver in coloros 7 launched with 3 finger screenshot, you can adjust your screenshot according to your use.

Dark Mode: Not all mobile get dark mode but coloros 7 equipped with darkmode.

Security Features: Now no body can track your location, hack your mobile. Color OS 7 installed with Personised security features.

Camera X: Now come to the camera. People who buy their first or last mobile as they say this is my last mobile. They should chang their mind because Color OS 7 CAMERA X feature is nature based camera shoot.

Screen Recorder: Edit and Play button in coloros 7 screen recorder.

Color OS 7 Mobile List 2020: Well Oppo already said in their statement that all oppo new smartphone buyers will receive trail version or basic level of Coloros 7 mobile software update.

All realme 3, 5, XT, ONE Plus (costumised coloros7 mobile version) and Oppo.