Air Purifier Plants Commonly Found in India, Tulsi, Money Plant

Air Purifier Plants Fresh Air Purifier Plant List Plant that convert bad air to Fresh Air, Tulsi Air Purifier Plants Money Plant Air Purifier Plant. Within 1 Month we starts facing problem of Air Pollution by Petrol Diesel vehicles and burning Parali of Khet. But before India is free with pollution. From October-November season our Air mix with fresh cold air which is heading towards winter season. During winter season of India Fog is normal in Delhi, Haryana, Meerut location because cold air came from North region. However we can’t control pollution and population of India we can control our home with both problems. Installing family planning and Air purifier plants. You can filter your indoor home with air purifiers plant a cheap price. Indian family don’t complete without Tulsi and Money plant. Talking about Tulsi plant than it not only purifies air but also we can use it on medicine herbal purpose also. We use Tulsi as a green tea, tulsi leaf can stop your cough related problem and in Hinduism we worship Tulsi from ancient times.

Money Plant as a Air Purifiers: Indian family believes Money plant attract money and where money plant is their than that family have lots of money. Well all these Tulsi and Money plant on current time become most important air purifier plants and it is natural air purifier plant.

Benefits of Air Purifier Plant: Make your home by planting Snake Plant, Tulsi (Tulsa) and Money Plant. Our eyes and lungs always loves green environment and green air. One of environment specialist says,” Snake Plant, Tulsi Plant and Money gives lots of fresh air to any house.

Air Purifier Plant List: Below are important air purifier plants according with design and flower.

Peace Lily
Bamboo Palm
Redo Machera
Singonium Plant
Bonsai Plant
Areka Palm
Zed Plant
Succulent Plant
Golden Pothoj are example of some foreign indoor plant used to decorate home with aur purifiers.

How to buy air purifier plant: Many gardener selling air purifier plants and they say due to air pollution, our market increased with of costumer who demands air purifier plants.