Bank Holiday in Diwali, 4 Day Bank Holiday, No ATM Cash Problem, SBI, HDFC

Bank Holiday in Diwali Latest News Bank Holiday List 2019 Diwali Dhanteras Bank Holiday ATM Cash Problem in Bank Holiday SBI Bank Holiday Numbers HDFC Bank Holiday. All National and Private Bank of India will go to celebrate Diwali festival with their family. In Diwali or any festival time we all need some relaxation on works. While we are working in office, Distributing newspaper door to door or going to attend or organize kitty party type things etc. We are writing these posts on Dhanteras, when people leave their home to watch Dhanteras Mela 2019. During Dhanteras it is very shubh (good by spiritual ) to buy any steel made, copper made, gold made, Smartphone or anything which equipped with metal whether it is main gate of your new Home also. Question is how many days Bank employee will not in service and how many days you may not get cash or credit money in bank than our answer is for 4 days you can attend all banks of India. Today is 25th October 2019, Friday, 26 October, 27 October, 28 October; 29 October is Diwali Bank Holiday List 2019.

UP Bank Holidays 2019: It is not necessary Bank holidays made for UP People but for all Delhi, Nagaland, Jammu Kashmir, Laddakh, Punjab, Haryana and other states are eligible for receiving letter of Central Govt Bank Holiday List 2019.

ATM Cash in Long Holiday Time: On 28th October Bank will reopen ATM currency chest to fill currency. On 25th October various bank of India will collect all types of currency which needs to fill ATM stomach.

Security of Bank ATMs in Bank Holiday: During holiday time and Festive season of India, Diwali is called Great India Festive Season will record boost in trade, shopkeepers impress costumer with their latest goods and all malls filled with latest fun. So in that period Bank Robbery, Thieves, Chain snatcher are on latest trends. To tackle this problem bank has made special time which is divided into different zone.

ATM Technical Problem in Bank Holiday: Many ATM face technical issue like server problem, out of service, no cash, atm card invalid and other problem always faced by innocent public. To improve these things Bank Officers are allowed to overcome these problems.

Bank New Note in Diwali: For pooja propose (Ganesh Lakshmi Poojan) bank has raised their hand regarding us not able to give new notes. You must forget to collect new Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 2000 notes from ATM or Bank counter.

Where to find new Notes: But some bank said we without naming their name that we have good collection of new notes.